Harvest Broth

harvest broth

Waste not, want more.

You can call it winter broth, summer broth, spring broth. The season matters nothing when you can put your own vegetable broth together. It is easy. It makes a healthy soup base. I’m calling the latest batch (seen in photo) Harvest Broth because it is fall and fitting.

If you have even a little bit of freezer space, this is the perfect way to use up vegetable scraps. Get a bag, start filling it up with all the leftover vegetables. Add any that might be starting to turn rough.

When you have enough, get out a large pot and empty the contents. Fill it up with water as much as you can. Slap a lid on the pot and let it cook. For a long while. Let the aromas fill your kitchen and living space.

I don’t recommend adding salt until you use the broth to make a soup. Whatever soup you choose to make from the broth may dictate what seasonings you need.

Once everything cools, add contents to freezer bags or containers. Thaw when ready to cook something hearty. You can use homemade broth for soups, stews, cooking rice or other grains, and other possibilities.

In the coming weeks I will share my personal favourite soup to prep.






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