I don’t hate kids

book Cover

Midway through the summer I shared a pic through Twitter of my niece with me holding her. What followed was a series of private messages from readers with the same theme.

“I thought you hated kids!”

Absolutely no where in my essays, blog posts and any published works have I ever written the words “I hate kids/children.” It’s true that I feel more comfortable in the company of adults. Better yet, animals or my own solitude. I’m the bloke at the party who is hanging out with the animals ensuring they have some social time.

Several of my friends kids along with some younger second cousins have long referred to me as “Uncle Dann”. My niece at a few months old is already being educated about her “weird” Uncle Dann because he apparently has a sense of humour.

Instead of explaining myself in response to each of these messages, I’m encouraging all readers to buy a copy of my book through Amazon or  Chapters/Indigo. The book tells a complete story while opening up discussion on related sub-topics such as adoption and the reality of raising kids in a volatile pro-natalist society.

I remain committed to being a voice for those who are childfree by choice and those who cannot have children. I’m grateful to those of you who have read the book and continue to read my work regardless of topic.










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