Short-Forming. Writing Short Blog Posts


Scroll through some previous posts and you will detect a recurring theme. Posts that are a few sentences long. Even just a few words long. Welcome to my definition of short-forming.

The first few words of any written work are the deciding factor for whether a reader is going to continue reading. It determines if the pages will be turned. If they will scroll down. If they will share the books/sites with others. These are decisions made within a few minutes. For online content it could be a few seconds.

Short succinct messages can have more of an impact in today’s mobile-obsessed culture of instant content. People want information and entertainment the second they realize the desire for content.

Look around anywhere you go. You can see people tapping and scrolling through content faster than some people blink. A few people stop on something that grabs their attention for a while. Short-forms can be that splash of cold water waking a person up. It can be the refreshing content that makes a difference in their day.

So try keeping it short. Some words. Some sentences. A single paragraph.







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