Barnett Newman – Colours

voice of fire

Barnett Newman’s Iconic Voice of Fire

I remember the controversy surrounding this painting. In 1989 when it was purchased by the National Gallery in Ottawa for 1.8 million dollars, people went crazy. At the time it was lots of money invested into something that people argued was not art. I was ten years of age when this story broke and remember thinking it was an interesting looking piece.

A few years back we were at a wedding in Ottawa and decided to spend part of an afternoon at the gallery.  Always wanted to go. I remember walking into the room where Voice of Fire was installed. My eyes widened at the sheer height of the canvas. The story came back to me. It drove me to look up more of Newman’s career. Painting is still not something I take that much of an interest in overall. Newman’s paintings are a fascination.

Some say his work contains silly stripes. I interpret them as spaces of shade. 

Writers may write in different shades based on the intended outcome. A product description is creating shades of information. A work of fiction is a collection of story shades intended to provoke a wide variety of emotional colours. Non-fiction is shades of information mixed with emotional colours.

So there is a way to bring interpretations of other art forms into the ones you are part of. Music plays a major role in my life still. So the influences seep into my creative output. In discovering Newman’s work along with other painters, I’ve learned from my interpretations of their pieces.

As you look ahead to the new year, look into the other things that may interest you. How do those interests influence your creativity? Identifying those influences may spark some initiative as you head into a new year.

Reflect often. Reflect Positively. Reflect Well.





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