The Best Christmas Eve

sister act 2.jpg

It was the year of eighth grade. The worst school year. A dreadful personal year health-wise. My folks were at the beginning of a divorce we all worked hard to get through. I mention the lows because the highs are now more memorable. This was one of those highs.

My Mom wanted to head out to the cinema. The multiplex in my hometown was still relatively new. So Christmas Eve we saw Sister Act 2. It was another film where I saw the sequel before the first one. The whole movie theater was 5 people. Myself, my brother and two other people. It remains one of my favourite times out at the movies. It was a bright spot in a difficult year. The film was great. Whoopi Goldberg and the case were incredible to watch. I managed to sit through the movie and laugh.

It was healing.

May you find moments to heal if you are hurt. Help others who are hurting. Call someone you haven’t spoken to someone in a while. It might make their Christmas Eve memorable.







3 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Eve

  1. I’m glad this film was such a healing experience for you. Would you say it was better than the first Sister Act?

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