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Every space can become a workplace. I’m always fascinated by what people have for their home work spaces regardless of the trade they are in. Regardless of the craft in their creating. I know of a contractor who still does everything by paper because it works best for him. He has an antique roll-top desk where everything is fairly well-organized. The second he rolls up the desktop to work, everything is in its place. A television and radio are close by to provide the perfect distraction when he needs a short break.

The concept of working in a coffee shop is not one I’ve embraced completely. I much prefer the solitude of the space at home. There have been a few memorable moments where I’ve brainstormed an idea and written something out completely in a cafe or pub. So few moments that they are easily remembered. One short piece that was included in my collection “Throwing Dice” was written on paper sitting in a small-town cafe. It was one of those great moments where the very setting for the piece was in front of me. I felt like I was watching was transposed to paper.

To the creative community – If you feel more comfortable working outside your home, much respect. Whatever works. I still encourage younger and newer writers starting out to carve out a space in your home to work. Your home should be a space of free thought and expression. It is your space to get the mind going and get your artwork flowing.

Whatever works. 





2 thoughts on “Desktops

  1. Dann, I’m more of a work-at-home freelancer, too. I’ve worked in coffee shops, but mostly out of need, such as when the power goes out for an extended period. (Imagine five days of it — oy.)

    That said, like you I sometimes get great spurts of creativity in places like that. I think it’s because the mind isn’t locked in the same routine, so it creates space long enough for creativity to take root.

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