Shopping at Meat Markets

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A frequent criticism I hear about eating a plant-based diet is how it can be “too expensive”. I agree it can be in certain locations. Even in those locations there are people who make it work. You can make it cost-efficient by keeping an eye out for deals in different places. Shopping in one place is convenient and for some people very necessary. I get it.

Many towns and cities might have specialty independent run markets with a constant set of weekly deals on fresh and frozen produce. One such places within driving distance from me is a small efficiently run store with a focus on meat. When you first go in you go down the cooler section of meats. I’ve learned since September of 2017 to just walk past and not look at the flesh of dead animals. Because there is often a steady line of people you have to efficiently pick out your produce and keep on going as you round the corner to come towards the registers.

There is argument among a few vegans that shopping at such a place is unethical. I disagree. On more than one occasion I have been able to politely draw attention to the cart being full of only plant-based foods. Some shoppers have commented on how I’m definitely getting all the right servings (paraphrasing here). My response is to say in as friendly a way as possible that I do not eat any animal products. People have asked questions. They want to know more. One person once said to me in a lineup “yeah I really need to eat more produce”.

A little effort can go a long way. Be aware of all the places around you where you can do your food shopping. Look for deals. Most places post their flyers online through their websites and social media channels. A little effort can go a long way to healthier eating.






One thought on “Shopping at Meat Markets

  1. “There is argument among a few vegans that shopping at such a place is unethical. I disagree. ” I do, too. I live in a relatively large city and I’m not aware of one grocery store that doesn’t sell meat and that includes the co-ops. I also disagree with a plant-based diet being too expensive and I’ve found the opposite to be true.

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