Discount Produce does NOT Always Mean Discount Quality.

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Supermarkets and smaller stores do all they can to minimize perishable waste. Most consumers believe that seeing marked-down produce means there is a quality issue.

In most large supermarkets now, there will be a stand somewhere visible in the department full of marked-down product at excellent prices. They might have a 50% off sticker or a label that says “enjoy tonight”, giving the indication that you should use this today if you buy it. There have been dozens of times now that I’ve come home with marked-down produce and used it right away. Some of the product brought home was in perfect shape and left me wondering why it was price-reduced in the first place!

Whether you consume a healthy diet already, or are moving towards improving the amount of produce you eat, seize the opportunity to save a few dollars. Some slightly soft tomatoes can become a fresh pasta sauce. A few bruised apples could go into muffins or homemade applesauce. Overripe bananas are perfect for baking. Overripe mangoes can be peeled, cut and frozen to go into smoothies. The options are endless.



One thought on “Discount Produce does NOT Always Mean Discount Quality.

  1. There are also stores (like Grocery Outlet in the US) that sells items that are close to the expiration date or have perhaps over-supply problems. It’s a good way to deal with food that might otherwise go to waste and it’s also an opportunity for people to access ethical items (a number of the products they stock are more ethical brands) at a discount.

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