Prince Edward Islands’ Amish Community.



Last week, an accident happened in Kings County Prince Edward Island involving a horse-drawn vehicle and a car. The horse suffered minor injuries while the drivers of each vehicle were fine. The horse, its’ cart and the cart driver were from the local Amish community.

Over the last three years, several Amish families relocated from America to Prince Edward Island. Drawn by rich soil and low land prices, many have found comfortable peace within an already peaceful province. Several empty farms on the eastern part of the Island are breathing new life. Many of these farms were left behind as testimonials to family farming legacies. Having these families come to Prince Edward Island is a gift to a province already rich in agricultural production. Overgrown fields are returning to their previous roles as bedding grounds for fruits and vegetables. It’s a rather hopeful site to drive through to see places that sat for years suddenly be bustling with existence again.

This accident should be a reminder to all that anyone with the privilege of using the roads should acknowledge and respect others doing the same thing.



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