Prince Edward Island Political Leaders Aware of Rise in Veganism.

Prince Edward Island’s election campaign drew attention to the increase in people adopting plant-based diets during a forum on Agriculture. The April 10th meeting saw party leaders and around 150 attendees discuss one of the industries upon which the province has a large reliance.

Progressive Conservative Party Leader Dennis King acknowledged a growing percentage of the vegan population. He asked what could be done to capitalize on that growing market. One of Mr. King’s candidates in the upcoming election is a dairy farmer. The dairy and livestock industry has overall been quick to dismiss the decrease in animal product consumption over the last few years. All of the party leaders understandably want to support each sub-sector of agriculture. Still, they need to acknowledge the decreased demand for animal products.

Prince Edward Island’s own Chef Michael Smith of the Inn at Bay Fortune has been involved in advocating growth of more pulses. Several hundred acres of land on the Island are designated for pulse farming. A plant in Slemon Park is part of the processing of pulses.

The increase is there, because the demand is there.

And it continues to grow. 

DISCLAIMER: I belong to no political party. Anytime politics must enter these pages, it is to inform readers of worthy stories.






One thought on “Prince Edward Island Political Leaders Aware of Rise in Veganism.

  1. It’s been growing so much over the last ten years, hasn’t it? Used to be we’d go on vacation and have to plan in advance where we would eat. The Midwest of the US could come up to speed a little faster, but I’ll take even tiny changes. 🙂

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