Tim Hortons Cups.Always Fresh (Litter).

hortons logo old school

The Old School Logo. The Good Old Days.

During a recent short drive, I saw five Tim Hortons coffee cups within meters of each other. If I wasn’t in such a hurry to get home to my dogs I might have stopped to pick them up. If I stopped to pick up every single coffee cup I found on the road there would be no time for the basic essentials of living. Things such as breathing, sleeping and general functioning might be compromised.

Canada’s once proud national brand of “coffee” is a symbol reflecting the environmental carelessness of a large part of the population. Tims is not alone in contributing to the global problem of non-recyclable coffee cups. There are many more guilty parties who do little to nothing in encouraging customers to be environmentally conscious. When it comes to the Canadian Coffee wars, Tim Hortons is still the most recognized and purchased brand. Although arguable McDonalds is certainly winning the prize for improved quality among the big chains.

A&W Restaurants are among the first to take a major step forward. Along with Dairy Queen, they have brought in compostable drinking straws to their locations. Sure they still use drink cups that I understand are not recyclable. Maybe they will lead the change in making more environmentally-friendly changes.

A whole-food plant based diet is what I would advocate for versus buying anything processed. Still, we know the tremendous influential impact that the fast-food industry has on the global market. If they can get more people to eat less animals, it is a step towards a more positive result for nature and all that dwell within.



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