Simple Discoveries

Pictou Harbour Lyons Brook

Lyons Brook, Nova Scotia 

It is spring. This picture is one of the best winter photos I’ve taken. So if you are groaning about seeing snow in your timeline, fine, move along. Point here is to highlight simple appreciations. Winter provides great opportunity for appreciation of scenery such as what is captured here. This is a shoreline behind a very popular country restaurant near my hometown. A few steps and you would be walking on the ice of Pictou Harbour.

Appreciating more is accepting more. I have learned in an effort to improve mental health to think of simple discoveries. Appreciating new things in the existing world that bring some brightness into light and life. Just because it is spring, it means not that we can disregard anything that reminds us of peaceful winter moments.

Discover the light in the darkness. It can be found even when it is hard to find. Live in now. For now is the best place to be.







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