Light in The Dark. Suicidal Tendencies and the impact of “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow”.

Vocalist Mike Muir and guitarist Mike Clark probably had no clue that they were speaking for many troubled youth who questioned how they could laugh tomorrow, when they could not smile today. In writing this now classic track, they gave a voice to many who found themselves in the despair of teenage angst and anger. […]


Prompts From The Market.

Start Somewhere. The freelance market. The submission pages of print and online publications. The normal exercise for most sets of eyes reviewing these things are looking at gig opportunities that might fit. Those opportunities can transpose themselves into growing your portfolio of potentially sell-able content. A particular listing may be topic specific to something that […]

Childfree and Childless – The Differences.

There is a difference¬† Someone will often ask me to explain the difference between a person who is childfree and a person who is childless. I’m happy to direct people to my book for further information. It is one of the most common questions I get from people in person, and online readers. Without quoting […]