Inform, Entertain, Inspire – Chapter 3

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Welcome to September. This Labour Day, let me share more info on my favourite kind of labour, the writing craft. Another trick of the trade.

Over the course of the summer , I’ve explained a way to approach writing work. Does your finished product inform, entertain/engage and lastly, inspire? Here, I want to address inspire before concluding what I hope has been an informative series. 

From start of the page to the end, what do you intend to leave the reader with? How do you want them to feel about what they just read. If this is a note on your notebook page, does it leave you wanting to develop a theme further? Or is it something to shred, perhaps revisit for another day of notebook reviews.

Writing is meant to provoke thought. Fiction is an attempt to draw readers into a story. Authors want to inspire readers to fall for their creations. To make them memorable through an emotional connection to the story.

Non-fiction should be written with an intent to tell truths. In an increasing world of eroding journalistic independence, non-fiction must be well-researched and written. Even expressing ones’ opinion (i.e. a Letter to The Editor) should at least have a solid foundation for that expression. It needs to inspire others to that expression. Non-fiction can be a call to action. What do you want to leave the readers thinking? Do you want them to be asking more questions about your topic? Does your story leave them thinking or educate them on something?

Inspire. Inspire many and inspire others.

Thanks for reading this series and all of my website content. If this series or anything else on here has inspired you, share it with others.






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