Education Dedication

elemente pf style

Read well and you will write well.

The drive to improve and learn should never cease. A single word or sentence will sometimes stick with me as a way to better communicate through the page or screen. Finding this gem of a book for a buck not too long ago gave me a great investment in my writing education.

Over the last few weeks of this fall, I’ve felt a struggle with working to a satisfactory point. The words are there. They just had some feeling of hollowness to them. Lacking significance within the structures. Revisions will clean and clear those things up depending on where that work ends up going. So I acknowledge the need to take a look at my execution periodically. The best of the best in this business do this. Call it perfection if you want. It’s good to demand the best of yourself provided you don’t burn out in the process.

When I get through another read of Elements of Style my goal is to put one or more of these tricks of the trade into use right away. Then go back and read it again. Figure out a way to deploy something else. Then repeat as necessary. All this while keeping my eyes and ears open to other ways of improvement.

Be dedicated to your own education. The words will keep coming.



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