The Toys That Made Us – Season 3

toys that made us screen snap logo.png(Photo: Netflix)

The popular Netflix series has returned for a third season taking viewers back down memory lane.

The season offers more pleasant reflections on popular toy sets that still line the walls of many collectors across the globe. I was really looking forward to the final episode of the season covering the great goofy wrestling action figures many of us had back in the day.

Unfortunately, the Toy Story felt completely enveloped by the back stories of how Vince McMahon bought out Ted Turner and everyone else who needed to cash in. The majority of people who owned these toys probably knew something about the wrestling story. The rise of the World Wrestling Federation (World Wrestling Entertainment) is well known even among the occasional fan of sports entertainment. The action figure collections were incredible sellers and remain popular items at many american flea market tables.

This season covers The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and My Little Pony. While I had zero interest in the Rangers or the Ponies, even those episodes strongly brought a great balance of each line and their accompanying media products. In fairness to TMNT, it would have been impossible to cover off everything that sprang from the franchise. Worth noting as an aside is the first TMNT video game produced for the Nintendo Entertainment System. That game remains an all-time favourite among classic gaming fans. It was one of the best games to ever be part of Nintendo’s collection.

The Toys That Made Us has an audience eager for more stories of those days gone by. Hopefully a fourth season will be a certainty.






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