40 Years of The Wall

the wall

There are other certainties in life besides death and taxes. One of them is the guarantee that you can hear songs from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” multiple times per day on rock radio.

The epic concept album continues to stand the test of infinite time. While not my favourite Floyd album (That honour belongs to Wish You Were Here), The Wall remains a commercially acclaimed stunning testament of rock and roll mastery. The Wall continues to reach younger generations of fans 40 years after its’ release.

The lyrics dealing with depression and isolation offer a glimpse mental health which was still largely being ignored. The main character throughout the song storylines reaches out for help despite building up a wall to protect and keep themselves safe. They slowly grow more desperate to be heard. Frustration of youth towards school and schooling emanated into the most oft-quoted line of the record;

“We don’t need no education.”  

The next line “We don’t need no thought control” rings even more true in a divided world of today. Climate change, religious extremism and serious political divide resulting from partisan political bullshit. Those are only a few examples of thought control stealing individuality.

In ten years when The Wall turns 50, the music and lyrics will still ring solid with the present. We can only hope for less global isolation, and more unity. More walls broken down.






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