Twitter Tolls, Twitter Trolls

The only social media platform I use is toiling in trolls and toxicity.  It’s profoundly disturbing to see social media be abused with weak enforcement of its’ own rules. To their credit, Twitter has stepped up far ahead of the pack compared to Facebook. It is becoming clearer however that the enforcement of the rules […]


Things do not make sense even if they are supposed to. If I could write out what it is I am trying to make sense of as part of this writing prompt, I would share it on this very screen. Sometimes I don’t know what drives it. I can say it’s probably for therapeutic purposes. […]

Black Sabbath – 50 Years Later

A rolling thunderstorm, bells ringing. Then, one of the most recognizable riffs in heavy music slams through the speakers. “What is this that stands before me?” Ozzy Osbourne’s wailing lyrical questioning of what he just saw. The lyrics to the title track reflecting on an experience shared by bassist Terry “Geezer” Butler. Black Sabbath’s first […]

Forget The Superbowl

With all due respect to the good players, the good owners, the good staff… The NFL deserves none of my clicks, none of my hard-earned money, Nothing.  As long as it takes a lackluster approach to animal abuse, domestic violence, sexism, homophobia, (the list goes on), no one should be giving them anything. @WriterDann