A List of Allergies

first aid kit stupid


With moving comes many new things. Since I am well organized and aware of my health, moving includes a new pharmacy.

Transferring records between places is easy. A simple few questions on my profile would be filled in then the rest can take care of itself with a few clicks and emails from a secure connection. The helpful pharmacy manager’s last question to me was any allergies? Once I mentioned the medications I’m allergic to, the list continued;

  • People.
  • Opera.
  • Loud Opera.
  • Opera at low volume.
  • Stupidity.
  • Blatant inefficiency.
  • Continued stupidity.
  • Televangelists.
  • Evangelists.
  • Bagpipes (Unless they are played in the style of, or by, legendary rock vocalist Dan McCafferty).
  • Clutter.

To be continued as I think of more…..Maybe.





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