Vegans At The Meat Market

Just because a market focuses on meats, does not mean it has to be avoided in order to buy produce. While I understand the opinions of many in the global vegan community who might disagree, hear me out.

Where I live, there is a nearby small market with such a focus. It has “meat market” in the name. They have an overall excellent supply of quality produce coming in on a regular basis. Someone in their ownership group saw an opportunity to branch out into bringing in more products for the plant-based community. By doing so, they get more in who are buying their produce. I have lost count now of how many times people in line have questioned us on the whole-foods in our carts. We see those as opportunities to educate. When someone has asked “are those any good?” in reference to veggie burgers, we will say why they are good without getting into a long sermon. Most of our diet is whole-food so we rarely even buy the processed products.

People are fascinated with the idea of someone not eating any animal products. “I’ll have to look that up”, they will often say to us. People still cannot believe how little we spend on food compared to most households.

It’s still difficult to walk by and see dead animals wrapped in packaging. We do our best to get away from the site quickly and down to the produce. If our message of a more ethical and healthy diet can get through to one person then it make the trip even more worth it.



2 thoughts on “Vegans At The Meat Market

  1. Dann, I love this perspective. I’m a vegetarian. I shop in plenty of places where meat is also sold. The name doesn’t matter — lots and lots of stores sell meat. I don’t eat it. They sell tofu, too. In fact, they sell a lot more tofu and seitan then when I first moved here.

    More people are reducing or eliminating meat from their diets. They do so by having someone respond to their curiosity with info, not attacks. If they give me trouble about not eating meat (it doesn’t happen very often, but it has happened), I just respond with “More for you then, I guess.” And I sometimes add that it’s not for everyone, but it’s for me.

    It lacks a judgment of their lifestyle — something I hope they’ll go forward with when meeting other vegans/vegetarians.

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