The NES. Greatest Gaming System?

Was the NES the GOAT? Yes. Probably.

When you discuss the history of video games, it is impossible to disregard the impact of what may be the greatest system to ever hit the market. This can be debated and argued to infinity.

Everyone and anyone who lived their youth through the mid to late 80’s and early 90’s either owned one of these systems or knew someone who did. The NES expanded the realm of possibilities for at-home gaming. An avalanche of companies programming and selling games into the market helped catapult this system into the history books. Video rental places began to see increased revenues because of the introduction of system and game rentals. The rental market offered consumers an ideal way to try out games before making purchase decisions.

Rather than playing the games for this classic, periodically I enjoy watching gamers go through speed-runs on their channels. Just go on YouTube or Twitch and look. The content is endless.



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