Blue Rodeo – “Casino”, 30 Years Later.

On November 20th 1990, One of Canada’s most iconic acts released their third album to much critical and fan acclaim. The first two tracks, the fan favourites “Til I Am Myself Again” and “What Am I Doing Here?” strike an instantly relatable lyrical relationship with the audience while the band starts a masterclass in musicianship.

Casino may have represented an early sense of maturity from their two prior releases. In my view, Casino has more memorable tunes compared to the previous two albums. One of the reasons this remains among the band’s best records is because of the endearing quality it carries. It is a start-to-finish straight through listenable album. It can be argued that there really is not one forgettable song within it. Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor were emerging as a powerful songwriting duo weaving their words into the fabric of Canada’s national culture. They told good stories and they found an audience eager to listen to them. That audience is still with them thirty years later.



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