Let Nothing Go To Waste

Frogsong Productions presents Let Nothing Go To Waste.

A colleague asked me last week a basic question last week about the new publication.

“What’s it about?

I could not provide her with a simple enough answer. Or any sort of answer. It was an odd moment of self-realization. The best I could manage was to say it was non-fiction. On reflection, it was not enough of an answer. Yes it is non-fiction. Let me start there and develop my description further.

Even if all of us are not writers, all of us are storytellers. What kinds of stories we can tell range a large colour deck of emotions. Sharing those stories whether through voice, page or screen, is putting those chapters out for people to hear and see. Over time, how we each tell our stories can change. When this book was started it was to tell some of my favourite stories as best as I can remember them now. They cannot be left to go to waste. There are many more. Enough to do a second or even third book based on this premise alone. It became a challenge to narrow them down to make it a fun readable format that I hope appeals to readers. Our personal stories are our personal artistic statements. Each of our lives is artwork in progress.

In a year dominated by a pandemic and other negative news stories, Let Nothing Go To Waste is a wrench thrown into the spinning cycle of bullshit people see on their television, phone and computer screens. I am asking you to take a break from the bullshit and have a read through of some bits of my life that are interesting. If you find one thing amusing within each chapter, then I’ve succeeded. So, what’s it about? It’s about personal parts of my life I wanted to share in the hopes it encourages others to do the same. Let none of your good stories ever go to waste.

Let Nothing Go To Waste is available online through Amazon Canada and the Lulu Direct Bookstore.


In memory of David Alexander.


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