Sega Retro Racing Arcade Games

Out Run drew massive crowds in the arcades when it was released.

Arcade racing games were usually at the front of many centers because they drew money. They drew crowds of curious onlookers. Even with the advancement of technology, I am of the view that three of Sega’s racers stand the test of time. I recall a period at my local joint where Out Run and Super Hang-On both were front and center near the entrance. The large cockpits were part of the draw of both games. For Out Run you enjoyed the experience of a driving simulator. Super Hang-On (and it’s precursor Hang On) had a version where you “rode” a makeshift bike requiring leans to the left and right to cover turns.

Super Hang-On

Somewhere during my early days as an arcade mall-rat, the local place brought in an upright version of Turbo. Released in 1981, I would later come to learn that Turbo was the first multi-colour racing game, a credit mistakenly given to the classic Namco Pole Position. Turbo to me was much more fun and enjoyable. You could get more of your money worth with it.


All of these Sega arcade games remain timeless classics.



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