Hockey Day In Canada 2021

Photo by cottonbro on

We remain in an unprecedented time. In the midst of a global pandemic. We look for reasons that could bring the nation together. Saturday February 13th will mark another Hockey Day In Canada.

Sport can be a great divider and great unifier. The best example can be found in friendly and unfriendly rivalries between teams, and the same between team supporters.

As NHL teams in Canada and the United States continue their seasons within respective bubbles, fans can look at those games with hope. The empty stands will one day again be filled with fans cheering for their teams.

For now, we can cheer for our teams from the comfort of our homes. Some in Canada will be able to enjoy the games from their favourite local pubs and bars. (NOTE: Respect public health guidelines and tip your servers generously).

In between games, put on your own jersey and cheer for yourself. Cheer for the essential workers and those on the essential front lines of the service industry. They are the reason we have made it this far. Take a minute to think of those lost in this pandemic.



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