Entombed – Left Hand Path. Swedish Death Metal’s Lasting Impact.

Hearing Swedish Death Metal was one of those moments a fan remembers well. The buzz saw guitar tone, the rapid-fire drumming. The raw vocals. Just when you think you have heard the heaviest music possible, this stuff comes around and changes the entire heavy metal land and soundscape. It pushed others to become better and […]


I Suspect…

Because some of us spoke less over the course of the pandemic year, our voices are stronger. Some of us who had to speak more, those voices will equally be stronger. I’m optimistic for what lies ahead. Despite the obstacles in the way. More to come.


In one of his final interviews, Frank Zappa was asked how would he want to be remembered? His response was “It’s not important”. A cursory search can reveal hundreds of thousands of ways that Frank Zappa is remembered by the world that knew his work. He did have a point that was not caught in […]

Master of Puppets – Metallica’s Masterpiece

Metallica’s metal masterpiece remains one of the greatest heavy records to ever be made. Many tracks are now staples of classic music radio and the band continues to draw in a new generation of fans. Part of Metallica’s draw is because of the raw yet fresh sounds from Master and it’s predecessor Ride The Lightning. […]