Identifying “Anchor” Content

The most oft-asked question I get in this business is one you have all heard.

“What do you write about?”

It never gets old. Why would it? Shop talk will frequently lead to productive shop work. What you write about the most could be considered your anchor content. I define anchor content as work that you enjoy creating the most. In addition, consider any subject writing that brings you in the most income. That can be considered part of your anchor content. Your anchor content is content that you write the most about.

I always tell people and prospective clients that I love all of it within my defined boundaries. I will not engage in contracts for financial, legal or political work, nor will I write content for companies and groups that market or sell animal-made products.

My anchor content;

  1. Music and music history with a focus on heavy metal, hard rock and jazz.
  2. Short humorous fiction.
  3. Animal rights.
  4. Issues surrounding the choice not to have children.

I could identify more if I thought about it. I’ve written content about so many topics and found them all enjoyable for the most part. There were a couple of assignments in my career that were absolute content clunkers. Things I won’t deal with again.

What I am saying here is while it’s positive to have anchor content where you can paint with a variety of colour, it is perfectly fine to narrow the scope a bit if it suits you. As professionals and artists, we define the content that keeps us anchored in the work.



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