Music For Dry Cleaning

It was an NPR Tiny Desk concert that turned me towards this incredible act from South London. It may be impossible to describe. Dry Cleaning’s release “New Long Leg” is a refreshingly original and cool collection of musical poetic statements. So I’m on a trip through their available content on Apple Music and listening to their album on repeat.

There is this wonderful controlled chaos about Dry Cleaning’s music. It would be impossible to ignore the brilliance of their collective musicianship. Vocalist Florence Shaw delivers words in a spoken style that fits magnificently into the soundscape. In between Shaw’s poetry, you are reminded that there is this blast of rollicking sound that may become it’s own musical category.

For a “debut” album, this is going to be one of those records I will look back at in a decade with positive reflection.

If I had a rating system, this would get 104 out of 11 stars.



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