Nobody’s Hero. A Person’s Reality.

Rush’s 1993 album Counterparts quickly became (and still remains) one of my favourite albums in their storied history. It was heavy, and also heartfelt.

The song “Nobody’s Hero” is a strong lyrical theme with casted shadows. For me as young high school student it opened a reality into a world I did not see clearly. The opening verse references lyricist/drummer Neil Peart’s friend who had passed after they had lost contact. That friend was a member of the LGBTQ community.

That was my point of starting to see the reality that the community faced. I look back now at the students I went to school with who came out later in life and could only think of the internal torture they must have felt not being able to be themselves.

Much has changed and I sincerely hope more people open their minds. Homophobia, racism, hatred as a whole, has no place in an already fractured society which has been stretched to its’ limits.



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