Windows 3.1

The Good Old Days…….

If you attended school during the late 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s and even took a minute interest in computers, you saw this logo. You used this version of Microsoft Windows. As the information highway revolution was evolving, Internet Explorer became my favoured web browser over Netscape. There were discussions among the high school geek crowd as to what was better. Having gone through versions 2 through 5 of I.E., Netscape was nothing by comparison.

When Windows 95 came along, it would mark a major step-forward for PC Operating systems. Many of us did not want to let go of 3.1 quite yet. We would have to (and did) eventually. The changes with 95 were so powerful to me that 3.1 was immediately looked at the same way an antique collectable was viewed and treated. Windows 3.1 was where some of my first computerized homework assignments were completed. Where some of my notebook scratchings were initially transposed on to the screen. It was where my mind was blown away through being able to chat with someone across the globe using mIRC.

How many of you played Minesweeper not knowing exactly what the hell you were supposed to do?



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