A General Notion

There is so much chaos that has been in the news the past week. Events that bring such dark clouds over humanity are supposed to be the catalyst for change. Uvalde Texas. Only a few weeks after a tragedy in Buffalo, New York. There are always similar events in America that do not get as widely reporter. Then there is Ukraine.

But these events keep happening. Innocent lives lost. Imprints of trauma on kids that will be with them for life. More casualties of war. More casualties as a result of political arrogance or in the name of false freedoms.

There is a general notion that humanity can be good. I want to believe that positive change is possible in areas I am passionate about such as animal rights. Despite my cynicism, there is optimism and it is still there. I’m confident in some of the younger crowds wanting to stand up more for equality and for animal rights.

I still believe a better world can happen and be within reach. Once those trying to stop positive progress are removed from office, removed from positions of power. When we choose people over parties, we can bring in the best of all worlds, to make one world better.



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