G.I. Joe Animated Series

Yo Joe?

In celebration of 40 years, Hasbro has been running an ongoing stream of episodes of the G.I. Joe series. It is a media franchise with a fascinating history. It was a show I did not watch as a kid, nor were any of the action figures part of my collections. It was not really my thing.

Watching this series now is more of a trip down memory lane. There are things I remember about some of the character names. Most notably for me, was wrestler Sgt. Slaughter appearing in the series and getting his own action figure. Slaughter (Bob Remus) was a real-life character who crossed his wrestling persona over into the G.I. Joe stories. Episodes his character appears in add to the entertainment value of the show.

Sure the stories are predictable. Yet there is something reassuring about being able to easily access this content. To have it on in the background and remember a time when toys and toons were all the rage.

Those were simpler days. Those were different times.



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