“Childless-By-Choice Women Are A Big Part Of Society’s Deterioration”. A brief response to Brit Tashjian’s September 2022 op-ed.

For reference. Article is here, with a response from Ali Hall here .

First of all, the article uses the term “Childless by choice” which is incorrect. The word “less” implies something is lacking. So no one makes a choice to be lacking in something. Brit is incorrect to use this term when the accurate term is “childfree by choice”. Someone who is “childless” may have wanted to become a parent and for whatever reason, cannot have children. Pope Francis doubled-down on his 2015 insults to those who adopt animals instead of children.

Brit’s article, like many on this subject, misuses the definition of “selfish”. It implies that someone is “selfish” for deciding not to bring children into the world. That is an act of “self-care” not what most people would call being “selfish”.

How can anyone argue that the push of preserving the “self” as Brit implies be a negative thing? More self-care and people paying more attention to their personal wants and needs is exactly the direction we need to go!

Every reason to not have children is a valid reason, if that person feels as they feel. My reasons are just as valid as anyone else’s. No one has to give life to anything but themselves if that is their choice. Breathe life into your passions. Your health. Your existence.


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