Dann After Dark – Pink Floyd

This happens to be my favourite tie. It has become one of the few I wear regularly. Seeing Conservative bigots have melt-downs over Pink Floyd’s legendary colour-scheme, presented in a logo celebrating the upcoming 50th Anniversary of “Dark Side of the Moon” is a painful reminder of the rise in hateful online rhetoric. That rhetoric […]

High School Non-Confidential

Note: This is a re-post of work from 2011. The days leading up to mid-June 1997, I was working through a series of mind-frying anxiety attacks, all over a stupid math exam. Somehow I managed to work my way through school without being held back a year. Come 12th grade, I was going to get out […]

Original Sam’s Pizza – Offering Dairy-Free Option!

Original Sam’s Pizza logo is copyright of Sam’s Pizza. Sam’s Pizza, an iconic food institution of Nova Scotia, is now offering dairy-free cheese at its’ home location in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. As of this writing they are also considering a trial run at their new location in Bedford. Those of us in the vegan community […]