Proving Relevance. New record for Florida metal legends “Obituary”.

Florida metal legends Obituary have returned with one of heavy metal’s best releases in the last several years. “Dying of Everything” is a welcome entry into the death metal legends’ discography. Brothers John (vocals) and Donald (drums) Tardy along with guitarist Trevor Peres, veteran bassist Terry Butler (Death, Massacre, Six Feet Under, to name a few) and guitarist Kenny Andrews have brought a welcome breath of brutality to begin 2023.

Obituary’s music is a dependable source of heaviness that long-time fans have come to value. They continue to deploy a great arsenal of techniques resulting in a ton of killer riffs and deep grooves. John Tardy continues to prove that the most seasoned vocal veterans of death metal can still push the limits and make it all work and sound great.

Track two of the record, “The Wrong Time”, proves the Obituary formula for memorable catchy riffs remains completely in tact. It is worthy of turning up the volume just to appreciate the raw nuances that punch through via the guitars. The title track is a festival of speed and screaming with great timed tempo changes. The great riff that makes up “My Will to Live” is very reminiscent of memorable riffing from the early albums “Slowly We Rot” and “Cause of Death”.

Last year, the band celebrated the 30th anniversary of “The End Complete”. That album remains arguably one of death metal’s greatest releases. Three decades from now, Obituary’s latest will be looked at with similar reverence and respect. It is very worthy of both, and is an early contender for my favourite album of the year.

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