Dann After Dark – Offside, The Harold Ballard Story.

Finally getting around to watching Offside: The Harold Ballard Story. I’m grateful to CBC Gem for having this documentary hosted on their servers.

I wish I could comment significantly in depth on the various points in the story. But it would ultimately end up giving away most of this story which are worth watching. Overall this is a brilliant documentary that speaks for itself.

I have a really hard time with Alan Eagleson being part of this and hearing him defend Ballard’s misogyny and bigotry. On the bright side, it is great to see so many of my hockey heroes in this documentary. Hearing their comments should make Leafs fans feel vindicated and how they feel about the way the team was run during Ballard’s years. Given the hundreds of wine bottles in the background of some of the people being interviewed, I’m wondering if they interviewed many of these people in legendary rock bassist and singer/wine collector Geddy Lee’s house.

Even if you as a reader hate the Toronto Maple Leafs, I encourage you to watch this. It’s only a matter of time before another professional sports franchise is taken down this way via greedy garbage ownership. I would submit it’s already happened to many but I won’t name them here.

Bravo Jason Priestly and everyone who worked on this.


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