Ottawa Police Murdered a Bear

And why??? Because it was being itself, trying to survive. Instead of properly having wildlife conservation experts do something, they figured it was an innocent life that could be taken. Humanity continues to fail animals.

Earth Day 2023 Message

Going plant-based will change your life for the better. The animal agriculture industry is cruel, sadistic and harmful for the planet. The world keeps being lied to. Trust the truth when the truth is backed with solid evidence and is not funded by the meat, seafood and dairy industries. Do better. NOTE – I acknowledge […]

Leaving Twitter Today

My handle of @WriterDann is on my business cards and on the back covers of my books… But I am leaving Twitter today. I thought by now there would be a recovery. That someone would tell Musk to get knotted, take it over and then bring it back to respectability. I was wrong. He’s allowed […]

False Church Welcomes

Churches often have signs outside that say things like “Welcome All”. But when you dig deeper into their doctrines and rules, you will find many are not in fact welcoming to all. They should be more honest with themselves, and in tune with reality. Welcoming all should mean welcoming all, regardless of sexual orientation, race, […]

Blank Cassette Tapes and The Original Playlists

Mixed tapes. They served a few purposes. Storage devices for the original playlists. A way to produce your own “greatest hits” collection of favourite artists. I remember a few blokes from my youth giving “mixed tapes” to romantic interests. Blank tapes were how heavier music made their way into households in the 1980’s and 1990’s. […]