Leaving Twitter Today

My handle of @WriterDann is on my business cards and on the back covers of my books…

But I am leaving Twitter today. I thought by now there would be a recovery. That someone would tell Musk to get knotted, take it over and then bring it back to respectability.

I was wrong. He’s allowed the bigots to take over. He’s attempted to discredit organizations and people. Garbage human doing garbage things.

The SpaceX rocket exploding on takeoff earlier in the week was a perfect metaphor to what he has done to Twitter.

I did set up an account on Mastadon to give it one more go. That as it stands now is the only social media I have and I’m at peace with it.

Thanks for continuing to read. More quality content to come. Less negative, more happy.

Well ok…maybe some arguing. Will make it worthwhile, I promise.


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