Social Media Free Since 2023

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My Twitter data is gone except for the copy I kept on a flash drive. Since I’ve decided not to bother with Mastadon, I am as of this writing social media free. So the title of this post might be some kind of new slogan for my writing business. I do not consider YouTube a form of social media, but readers might see some increased posts on the community page at my channel in the weeks and months ahead. Maybe more content will go up as far as videos and pics go.

Nothing is concrete, except for concrete.

In the month since I left Twitter, I have noticed my tendency to get news stories late again is back. I’m ok with this for the most part because when I want news, it is up to me to seek it out. This means a return to music and sports news pages. It is the intention to seek out content, learning to manage my own online time better.

It has been said that one must be on social media to engage with the audience. I disagree. The “contact us” and comment section portions of a website can prove to be just as useful. Where possible, there is a phone call and classic mailing of physical correspondence. Letter-writing is very intentional. Since so few people get mail, it can now grab the attention of someone more than a digital footprint of correspondence.

Let this be a reminder if you are scrolling through socials to put down that fucking cell phone. Breathe in some fresh air. Seek out some positive stories via websites or print media. Enlightenment is critical to personal growth…or something.


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