Veganuary 2023

That time again…. With more emerging data, people need to wake up. It’s not just about health. It’s about accepting animals as sentient beings. It’s about a climate crisis where animal agriculture is the main cause. It’s time to eat more plants. Note – As I’ve written multiple times, I acknowledge that it’s not feasible […]


For The Good Men Project – Thank You.

For the last several years, The Good Men Project has syndicated over 200 of my posts from this site onto theirs. During that time, I’ve watched my readership grow steadily. Much of that growth can be attributed to The Good Men Project and I will remain forever grateful for it. My relationship with The Good […]

Trusting Process

I no longer believe I have to be working every single day of my life to claim the writing identity. Sometimes not working is just as intense as working. If one is far away from the page or screen, accepting that distance is part of the process. We can all just dictate or tap something […]