Dann After Dark – For Lanny Poffo.

He was one of the greatest performers in professional wrestling. I would argue also one of the greatest entertainers. He spent some time in Atlanta Canada along with his brother Randy (Savage). Absolutely brilliant talent who really helped to also expose the problems with the modern side of the business today. He believed in athleticism […]


Dann After Dark – Pink Floyd

This happens to be my favourite tie. It has become one of the few I wear regularly. Seeing Conservative bigots have melt-downs over Pink Floyd’s legendary colour-scheme, presented in a logo celebrating the upcoming 50th Anniversary of “Dark Side of the Moon” is a painful reminder of the rise in hateful online rhetoric. That rhetoric […]

High School Non-Confidential

Note: This is a re-post of work from 2011. The days leading up to mid-June 1997, I was working through a series of mind-frying anxiety attacks, all over a stupid math exam. Somehow I managed to work my way through school without being held back a year. Come 12th grade, I was going to get out […]