Labour Days – School Daze

A classic Family Circus Cartoon brilliantly captured my feelings around Labour Day as a kid. Going back to school was real labour. I recall it as being a completely miserable time of year for me. Summer was over and the heartache of returning to school completely turned my stomach. I went to grade and high […]


Blizzards and Basketball #mondayblogs

  In behind the overgrowth of branches in this photo you can see a basketball net. The backboard is well worn from over two decades of weather and bank shots.  The ground pounded down from heavy footsteps and layup pathways. Hours were spent here in every season. Even waist deep winter storms could never stop […]

A Retail Rumble

As part of my somewhat interesting day-job work history, I spent several months working in a grocery store owned by one of the country’s largest retail operations. I have a ton of respect for anyone who works in this business and stays in it long-term. By no means is it fun. However there were several memorable moments […]