“Childless-By-Choice Women Are A Big Part Of Society’s Deterioration”. A brief response to Brit Tashjian’s September 2022 op-ed.

For reference. Article is here, with a response from Ali Hall here . First of all, the article uses the term “Childless by choice” which is incorrect. The word “less” implies something is lacking. So no one makes a choice to be lacking in something. Brit is incorrect to use this term when the accurate […]


International Childfree Day 2014 #mondayblogs

This past Friday August 1, another International Childfree Day presented and passed. Certainly a humbling day for me personally having won “International Childfree Man of The Year”. I am grateful to the selection panel for their consideration, my family, colleagues, friends and to the Childfree community as a whole for their kind words of support. […]

Winter Writing Notes

My book, Planned UnParenthood¬†Creating a Life Without Procreating, is pretty much available worldwide on many online services. Every so often I need to run the search on Google to see if it has turned up in a few more places. The Global Distribution deal I ended up with has definetly allowed me to reach a […]