Sunday School – Memories of a 6-day work week

I could not think of a worse way to spend Sunday morning as a kid then to be taken to school. The pending dreadful Monday morning would close in even quicker. When I was a regular attendee of “classes” in the old church basement, I went along with the charade. Monday to Friday school was […]


The Last Conversation

It was usually happening on Sundays. The phone would ring, I would see the number and prepare to settle in for a slightly long conversation. It would be only slightly long if for some reason I might feel it was going on too long. “Hello! How are You?” Over the last few months of his […]

Confirmation Classes

How I loathed every second of it. I sat in one of the rows at church listening to the supposed truths about a book that I was reading, that made no sense. Here I was in the 9th grade with a worked image of someone who thought for themselves, being forced to sit through lectures […]