Opera – Classical Music Ruined With Singing

A night at the opera. For many this would be a great pleasure. For myself it would be the equivalent of a dental drill in my skull minus the anesthetic.   One day I will go and attend one live just because my other half enjoys it. There is something so painful about hearing those […]


Night Reading & Write Reading

Reviewing just a fraction of the content pool, existing on paper in my home office, 4:30 a.m. on a Monday morning. Last night while trying to rest, I started to leaf through a small notebook full of work. Some of these pages contain a single word, while others like the ones you can see openly, […]

Reminiscing On Radio Days

For many nights as a kid during the mid to late 1980’s and again into a period of the 90’s the radio was a great source of comfort and entertainment. That first period into the 1980’s was a great time for the glam metal bands that started to figuratively take over programming director playlists. It […]