Morning Sodas

My earliest memories of soda sipping revolved around a community rink. After spending some time on the ice, I remember my parents going to a machine with coins in hand. The sequence even stands out to me. One coin, then two at the same time for some reason. Brother would get a Pepsi while I […]

School Daze

The above-captured image is a portion of my final report card from 3rd grade. If you look under Social Sciences, you will see that I did very well with “Mystery Powders”. As funny as this piece of history is, I feel somewhat compelled to explain the story behind it as I remember this particular class […]

Tea & Sandwiches at Grand Central

It’s one of those mornings. Maybe it’s one of those weeks. Certainly would be a good day to land at Grand Central for lunch. Man, I reflect fondly on those times. Grand Central refers to a home in Trenton where my Grandfather still lives, the home he shared with my Grandmother for much of their […]