News Print, News Delivery

July 1st. Canada Day. 151st marking of confederation. Historical reflections. July 1st will mark another historical moment of sorts. It might be viewed as significantly small by many. To my hometown of New Glasgow and the surrounding communities it’s six day a week newspaper will print the same as competitor The Pictou Advocate as a […]

The Tape Traders. #mondayblogs

Great songs on cassette required serious work if you wanted to hear them again. Rewind, then Play. Or if you owned a Walkman that was lacking in a Rewind button, you flipped the tape over, hit Fast-Forward, flipped the tape back and hope you managed to get far enough to get to the beginning of […]

Defective Shelving Units

A few years ago I put up a shelf in our bedroom. On a slant. It sits a few things comfortably, at an angle. Thinking I’ll leave it as an artistic expression for whomever owns this house next. I could even name it something. I’ll call it “a seemingly wasted effort with meaning”. Ebay has […]