Light in The Dark. Suicidal Tendencies and the impact of “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow”.

Vocalist Mike Muir and guitarist Mike Clark probably had no clue that they were speaking for many troubled youth who questioned how they could laugh tomorrow, when they could not smile today. In writing this now classic track, they gave a voice to many who found themselves in the despair of teenage angst and anger. […]


Embracing Escapism

If you read or watch the news, you see the world painted as being in a very poor place.  The positive stories being reported are few and far between. Expert social media users can curate their feed down to something that is more tolerable. This is one of the main reasons I only user Twitter. […]

Driving Towards The Sunshine

Fall continues its’ colourful annual visit. I spent yesterday morning driving the sunrise view to a favourite market in the valley. It was full for vendors who brought along more of their fall harvests. Many more artisans and builders seemed to have taken over this particular weekend. So there is always something new to check […]