Losing and Finding Yourself in Work

This is the main shelf in my home office as of today. Hard to believe it is actually cleaned up slightly. It has a ways to go yet before I am completely happy with it. There are lots of collectibles, pics and other things wedged in among the tapes and notebooks. It is easy to […]


Militant Unity

While looking for a place to have dinner in Oromocto, New Brunswick, I succeeded in getting myself caught in one of those goofy roundabouts that are supposed to slow down traffic. I was able to prove that it will often slow down traffic that is also coming in the wrong direction.  A kind community resident […]


If you focus on what you lack, then what you have is instantly lost. Most people may not realize this, but society runs on a constant journey of spirituality and self-enlightenment. Exploration is a constant trip. Sometimes its fun and sometimes it is a difficult passage of turbulent trial and error. But then again, so is life. You […]