For Gordon Lightfoot

I’ve often reflected on Gordon Lightfoot’s influence over the years here on these pages and on the pages in my notebooks. So many memories. Listening to his music in Dad’s old truck, learning the bass parts to so many songs, having discussions about meanings behind the lyrics… I could go on. Really, for pages on […]

Gordon Lightfoot – “Solo”

In March of 2020, there was much going on around us all. Through the chaos, there was some beautiful clarity to be found in the music of Gordon Lightfoot. “Solo” is an intimate experience of a master craftsman delivering inspired performances. Gordon Lightfoot remains one of my favourite artists. I cherish the records of his […]

Record Store Day

    International Record Store Day drew attention to the glorious medium of music on records and the businesses that sell it. I have been collecting records for a long time and it is something I enjoy immensely. ┬áTo me it is still the best method for listening to music. Rock and Roll Hall of […]